"Beth Duke's works are as real as grits and gravy in The South,
and her usage of her Southern English has the taste of Mama's biscuits."
-Randy Owen
Grammy-winning songwriter and lead singer of Alabama


"Beth Duke is one of those writers who leave you shaking your head when you’ve finished reading, muttering,
'Dang, I wish I’d written that.'
She can spin a good yarn.
She is as Southern as grits and sweet tea.
Once you read one of her stories, you start to gravitate to her like a moth to a porch light.
It All Comes Back to You is one of those stories you need to savor. You want to put the book down so as to have more to read tomorrow, but you can’t. It becomes attached to you, a part of you.
As does she.
I catch myself smiling when I’m reading her stories. They pull you in, and take you on a wild ride, but she returns you home at the end, safe and sound, and forever changed.
But for the better.
Beth Duke is a wordsmith of the best kind and her stories rank with the best in classic Southern fiction."
-Dan Brown, Author of The Lunch Box

Coming in September, 2018!

The hidden ties that bind our lives together are the most intriguing. This is a story full of secret, silken threads between many people.
Meet Violet.
She was stunningly beautiful. She was like a grandmother to Ronni. She inspired her every day.
She spent her final years in a nursing home, surrounded by men who worshipped her as a girl. They still did. Everybody loved her.
And now that she’s gone, she’s challenged Ronni to be the author she always wanted to be, by writing Violet’s life story.
That’s when the threads start to unwind.